There will be mature content on this blog. Please note that as of ‘gen’2, this blog is NSFW! There will be cussing, nudity, and other sensitive subjects. If you’re not comfortable with these things, leave – or don’t complain later if you read on but it makes you feel awkward. 

Otherwise, I wish you a warm welcome 🙂 I’m MischiefTheKitten/Sarina (whichever you prefer), and I will be writing this blog 🙂 It will be relatively short and told by one person – the same one as you’ll ‘meet’ in the Prologue.

I very much appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism should you have any. You’re welcome to comment either on this blog or on the forum page, or on twitter. New chapters will be announced on both. You’ll find news on here as well as a link to the most recent update, so keep an eye on this if you want to stay informed of any possible future news.

The Seven Fates of Night has now finished! Thank you to everyone who has stuck around despite me taking forever to get the chapters out ❤ If you’re new here and only just about to start reading – good news! You won’t have to wait for a year before I finish it 😛 (Again, I’m sorry)

Here are some chapters you might find interesting:



And for everything else…

Chapter list



03/06/’16 7Fates has now officially finished 🙂

A Downloads page has also been added.

I’ve added a Contents Page now which you can find at the bottom of each page. This’ll make it easier in the future to find specific chapters 🙂 I’ll also be adding some others so keep an eye on here!



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