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Chapter Two – From Bad to Worse

So what do you think of what Geraldine did to my ancestor? Do you even believe that it’s the origin of what was done to us? That this witch really cursed this common con? Sosostra certainly took some convincing, and I can tell that you’re not sold yet, either. Well, Sosostra didn’t not believe it because she didn’t  think Geraldine capable of the power necessary for such a curse, but because she didn’t believe that Geraldine had it in her. Cursing someone was a criminal offence, and hurt as Geraldine was, Sosostra didn’t think she’d go this far.

Of course curses aren’t always easy to prove. In this case, there were no witnesses, and Sosostra was already disliked whereas Geraldine was a respected woman, so she had no reason to think that anyone would believe her over the well-liked witch.

But, quite soon, Sosostra had to accept that she really was cursed, and I know you’ll come around, too.

So, let me explain.

Geraldine left immediately after she had placed the curse on Sosostra, and Sosostra went to bed. She was a little shaken, sure, but overall she felt fine.

The curse didn’t manifest itself right away, either. Sosostra had some trouble sleeping, some bad dreams, and less clients than usually, but it was nothing she blamed what Geraldine had done for.

Until a few weeks had passed, that is.


Dear unfortunate Sosostra went to work as usual, only to find out that she had been let go. Not fired, since she hadn’t technically done anything wrong or upset anyone more so than normally, but let go. Her boss had noticed the decline in customers, and knew that it was likely to be because of how people viewed her. Sosostra objected, of course, but in the end it didn’t change anything. She had been let go, and that was that.

After a few days of wallowing in self pity, Sosostra recovered and knew that she had to get a new job. Her house wasn’t small, but she had bills to pay nonetheless and she had to eat, so a few days after she had been let go she went into town, and asked around every shop she could find. No one would have her. Everywhere she went it was the same – shops weren’t hiring right now, she wasn’t qualified enough, or in some cases the owners were honest and admitted to not wanting her work for them.

I hear you say “couldn’t she have offered readings regardless of not being an official fortune teller, for less money?” Yes, and in fact she tried. But as I mentioned before she had been disliked for a while, and now that word of her losing her job had gotten around town she was also seen as not being trustworthy. Not reliable. Not good enough, otherwise she wouldn’t have been let go. So yes, she tried, but no, no one cared.



She did have a few simoleons saved up, but a few months later and they were gone, too. And since she was no longer able to pay her bills, the town soon started taking away her possessions. Sosostra didn’t own much to begin with, and while the bills for her small home had never been high it didn’t take six months before everything had been taken away from her. All she had left were the walls and the roof over her head, but without a job she knew she would lose them soon, too.

And she did.



Now, Sosostra knew that while her personality wasn’t well liked, her looks were. There was a brothel in town, but she had vowed to herself to never stoop so low and refused to go beg for work, so she did the next best thing.

She went to Geraldine to beg her to end the curse – because by this point, poor Sosostra was sold! Of course, Geraldine didn’t care. She enjoyed seeing her suffer, and a lot of other townsfolk did, too. Winter wasn’t far away, and the winters in Dragon Valley were very cold even if you did have a roof over your head, but without one? You can imagine her fear at the thought of having to spend several months alone, outside, without food coming her way, in the cold snow.

And snow stacked high in Dragon Valley. Very high.

So Sosostra began begging, after all. I’m sure you can already imagine how that went, so eventually she fled into the forests, away from the laughter of all those who had hated her and who now believed that she had gotten what she deserved.


The days from there on were hard. During the day she spent her time building whatever shelter she could with the leaves and branches she could find, and during the night she sneaked back into town, careful not to alert anyone, and stole food. First only from the community garden, but soon also from inside people’s houses. When the shelter she had built for herself failed, she resorted to stealing a small tent from one of the shops.

And that’s when her luck hit a new low. One night, she was caught. Not inside someone’s house, but outside, on the streets. Remember I mentioned that even though people didn’t like her personality, they either envied or loved her looks? Well, a group of young man who did the latter saw her. Sosostra tried to run, but she was outnumbered. They didn’t rape her right there, in the park, but instead they gagged her, carried her to one of their houses, and tied her down.


Then they raped her.

What? No, I don’t know if anyone saw them. Does it matter? You should know everyone’s opinion of her by now – do you really think anyone would have cared? The people of Dragon Valley loved seeing her suffer. After all theosetimes she had told them of horrible accidents and other ill fortunes, they were only too happy to believe that she deserved to be paid in kind.

Once they were done with her they picked her up like an empty sack, and dumped her in the woods like she was worthless shit.

For a while after that, Sosostra gave up trying to find food in town. She had accepted that she was cursed, and knew that worse things would happen to her now that she had lost everything. She couldn’t feed herself, she could barely call her shelter a home, and soon it would begin to snow. Giving up was so much easier than trying to survive, knowing your fate was forfeit no matter what you did.

But of course, it got worse. Because about a month after those men had raped her, she had to accept that she had to scavenge food for two.


14 responses to “Chapter Two – From Bad to Worse

  1. Ok, holy cow, I love this. It’s so different from all the other Sims legacies I’ve read. I’m definitely excited for the next chapter! 🙂

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      You’re too kind, vanilla, thank you so much :3 It’s pretty different for me to write as well, but I’m enjoying it a lot ^^

      • I’m enjoying reading it a lot too 🙂 I’m glad you decided to write it. I’m morbidly excited to see what happens next, if that makes sense, lol.

      • mischiefthekitten ⋅

        It certainly does 😀 I’m really looking forward to writing more, especially now that she’s pregnant. I haven’t had a ‘legacy’ baby in such a long time tat I’m far too excited for this one!

  2. Oh wow It is just getting worse for her. I doubt things will pick up for her.

  3. Loving it! Well not loving she had that happen, but ahh you’re an incredible writer. Awesome chapter. So excited for the next one ^_^ man… :\ this is a very different and interesting legacy you’re doing ❤

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      Honestly, Erin, you’re giving me too much credit! :3 *hug* And thank you, you’re not the first one who’s said that and it’s why I wanted to do this. It fits perfectly around Whispers!

  4. jazen ⋅

    Wow…I think Geraldine went too far with her curse. Yes she was angry at Sosostra but to curse her entire family. That is a bit of an over reach. I do feel a little bad for Sosostra. Yes she was a con, but she couldn’t have truly known what would happen to Geraldine’s family, in fact she tried to save them by sending them to the other side.

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      Yeah, she did :/ You should never curse someone when you’re still mad at them! Sosostra did try – as you said, even though she was a con she tried averting disaster. She wasn’t the most honest woman but she didn’t want anyone getting hurt or killed, even. Geraldine shouldn’t have cursed her while she was still mourning her family, but she allowed her emotions to get the better of her.

  5. Savaging for one is hard enough but now she’s pregnant too? No is going to care are they? And I’m guessing since there were multiple men, there’s no way to know which is the father. Not that anyone would believe her anyway. yeesh. That’s some curse!

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      I didn’t even know for sure, I had the sound switched off so I wouldn’t hear a baby jingle and I made them all go twice 😛

  6. Damn, Geraldine doesn’t mess around. That is one powerful curse she cast on Sosastra. I can’t believe the town hated her so much they’d want to see her suffer in such a horrible way. No matter what her sins are, nobody should be ever subjected to rape. And now she’s going to have a child, a constant reminder of what those three men did to her.

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      No, she really doesn’t! Grieving widows and mothers who have just lost theor babies can be dangerous at the best of times, without magic involved. She shouldn’t have cursed Sosostra while she was still mourning, but she let her emotions blind her judgement.

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