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Chapter Five – Their First Meeting

I’m sorry about that. I’m not even sure who that was, just some beggar.

Anyway, she’s gone now, and we can continue Hope’s story.

You must be eager to hear how little Hope got on amongst the whores! Did it come as a surprise to you that she grew up like this? It’s better that Sosostra never found out what became of her daughter, wouldn’t you say? I can’t imagine how she would have reacted had she known.

But it’s not important. What IS important is Hope living amongst whores, waiting eagerly to be trained to become a whore herself. Yes, I’m sure you want to know all about that…

So let me indulge you.


The whore in charge of training Hope was a rather skilled vampire called Lucinda. Lucinda had taken a liking to Hope from the moment she had been taken in all those years ago, and had looked after her the most. She had told her all there was to know, and had made sure that Hope had their rules memorised as early as possible.

Rule #1: No babies.

Rule #2: Payment first, service second.

Rule #3: The customer gets what the customer wants.

Rule #4: No violence.

They were an easy set of rules to live by, wouldn’t you say? Of course, they weren’t always as straightforward as that. For example, the first rule of whoring had already been broken when they took in Hope – but Hope was an exception. The rule referred to the very common case of a whore getting pregnant. When this happened – and it happened a lot – the whores were given two options. You either abort, or you leave.

Now you understand why little Hope was so well looked after, yes? All of them had accepted that they weren’t allowed children of their own, so for most of them looking after Hope was a secret wish fulfilment. This wasn’t why they had taken her in to begin with, of course. As I said before, they had a good eye for quality, and Hope was quality.

Or take rule number four. ‘No violence’ was vague. Rough sex was allowed – and encouraged, as whores charged more – but they drew the line at getting hit, and they were not shy to hit back.

Of course, not all of them were entirely opposed to a bit of violence. The owner, who was an ageing whore herself, was fine with that, as long as no bruises or other injuries were showing to customers.

So, now that you understand the workings of this establishment a little better, let me tell you how Hope got on.

Shortly after her sixteenth birthday Lucinda began teaching her, and is it turned out Hope was a rather eager student. She-


“That’s it, my pet. You have gotten very good at this.” Lucinda purred, and Hope beamed happily at her.

“Are you proud of me?” 

As a reward, Lucinda bared her fangs for Hope to see and placed the girls hands on her breasts. 

“Oh, I am more than proud of you.” Lucinda pulled Hope into her lap with ease and immediately took the dominant position as she always did. Hope was far past her learning stage, but Lucinda enjoyed having her around anyway. She had been a very good student, and some of her regular customers were such brutes. There was nothing wrong with wanting a bit of beauty every now and again, was there?

“I only regret having to share you, my pet. But you’ll do me proud again, and when you do I’ll reward you generously.” 

“What if I forget? Won’t you remind me now?” Hope had taken to purring in a very similar way to Lucinda, and while she wasn’t as smooth with it as a vampire would naturally be the customers loved it all the same. The customers loved her all the same, and their brothel had made a good profit since she had started working about a year ago.


“I doubt you’ll forget, my love, but a reminder can’t hurt, can it?” Teasingly, Lucinda let her hand run down between Hopes thighs, knowing just where to push to get the slightest of moans from the girl.

“You can hurt me if you like. Won’t you hurt me just a little?” Most customers were publicly against it, but once they entered their house most of them quickly changed their mind. Hope wasn’t as reserved about loving a vampire bite during sex. Her breasts were covered in them, and the insides of her thighs looked no better. Still, it was nothing that a little make-up couldn’t hide, so they were allowed to go on.

Lucinda leaned in close, biting Hope’s ear just a little as a teasing reminder of what else her lips were capable of. “Maybe later, my pet. First you have to earn the privilege. For now, why don’t we-“

Neither of them looked up when the door opened and Josephine, the owner of their whore house, came in. No one ever bothered with knocking. If you were uncomfortable being watched while you fucked a customer or another whore then this line of business wasn’t for you. 

“Lucinda, George is waiting downstairs for you. He’s paying well today, so don’t make him wait.” Lucinda nodded, kissed Hope on her lips, and got up, hurrying out of her room. “Don’t pout at me, girl, that may work for Lucinda but I’m not so easily teased. You forget, I have been in this business for longer than you have.”

“That makes you the best teacher.” Josephine granted her a smile, a slight nod confirming that she hadn’t minded teaching Hope a few lessons, either. 

“For now, you have a customer.”

Hope got up, not bothering with her clothes. Her customers came here for sex – naked women had to be expected, so most of them walked around the house without any clothes while they worked. 

“Who is it?” Most of her customers were regulars who had been eyeing her since she had been a child. Every now and again new customers came, but Hope preferred her regulars. Most of them treated her well, and the gossip and secrets they shared were highly entertaining for her.



“He’s a new customer, no one who’s in our books. He seems a bit nuts to me, but he has money, and he’s not terrible looking. A lot of money, Hope.” Hope understood. Extra money meant extra service – and Hope had nothing if not a strong work ethic. After all, ‘the customer gets what the customer wants’.

“All right” Hope sighed. “I best make sure he feels welcome, then.”

What the- Oh, not again!

I had never-

I had never seen this much before. When I said Hope’s life was graphic I simply meant to tell it that way, I never-

Ha, I bet you regret not getting any tissues before now!

But let’s continue, shall we? Because the man who walked in to see Hope that day is important.

When he decided to visit their brothel that day he had no idea what he would find, neither did Hope know the effect that this man would have on her life.

As Josephine had said, this customer seemed a little nuts to her. It turned out that he was actually nuts – and brilliant. And that made him dangerous.

Well, maybe brilliant is exaggerating the few facts that I have a little – although no doubt he would seem brilliant to you. We do live in a world after all where magic is no longer common. But in those days wizards weren’t rare.


And this man was a wizard. Hope must have done her job well enough, because this insane wizard fell in love with her. Now, I’m sure you already know this – no, not from personal experience! I’m not suggesting anything! – but you never fall in love with a whore.

But, well, he did. After their first fuck together he came back. And then he came back again. And again. No one cared, since he always brought a lot of money, but it was when he started bringing Hope flowers that things got  a little weird. Not because he gave her presents – a lot of regulars liked doing that, especially the wealthy ones – but there was something about him that had the other whores worried. I don’t know what it was, sorry. I’m guessing it was his insanity combined with the fact that he had fallen in love with a whore, but I have no way of knowing for sure.

Unless I could-

Never mind. Just an idea, nothing important. Nothing doable, anyway, I don’t think.

Things got even more awkward when the inevitable happened and Hope got pregnant. I see you reacting with shock and surprise, but by this point Hope had been pregnant several times. You forget, condoms had yet to be invented, and a small village like Hidden Springs didn’t exactly get all the newest merchandise in their stores!

What they did have were herbs, and the knowledge necessary to use them as needed.

So Hope found out that she was pregnant again, and made herself the same tea that all of them were drinking whenever it was required. The only problem was that this time, her baby didn’t care much for it. Not in the usual sense of it dying, but in the sense of it not doing anything. Her stomach slowly grew larger, and eventually customers took notice of her condition, too.

The other whores already knew, of course. Josephine had given her the usual choice of either getting an abortion or of keeping the baby and leaving.

Things got even weirder when the insane wizard found out, and was ecstatic. The woman he loved was carrying his baby, and he couldn’t be happier. The women explained to him what had to be done – and he threatened Hope, saying he’d kill her if she dared going through with the abortion. He became rather angry, from what I understand, and it was the first time that the whores kicked someone out with the promise of hurting him next time he got close to Hope.

I told you they looked out for their own, didn’t I? They didn’t respond well to threats, much less to threats on the life of one of their most prized women.


With him taken care of, Hope was still faced with a problem. She knew the rules, but what to do when her unborn baby ignored the rules and the tea?

Do you think she would have given up her baby, just like her mother had abandoned her? She hated her mother for what she had done, you know. As much as she loved the life she had, she hated that her mother hadn’t wanted her. She had seen the letter her mother had left with her that night, but did she believe it?

Well, would you have believed it? Or would it have sounded like a poor excuse to you, to say that you had to give up your baby because of some curse?

Yeah, Hope came to the same conclusion.

So it only makes sense that she ign-

Urgh, my head…

I need to lie down for just a minute. I-

I’ll need to do more research. Before this kills me.


8 responses to “Chapter Five – Their First Meeting

  1. Wow I still love your writing this is definitely interesting. I knew one of her customers would fall for her but I didn’t realize that shed get pregnant. I think I prefer to think of the tea as plan b even though it’s not. I can’t wait to see what happens next

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      I prefer to think of the tea as no option at all which I’m sure you do, too – just, it’s an option that Hope doesn’t have. Not if she wants to keep her job, anyway. Not like it matters now since it’s not working ^^

  2. jazen ⋅

    wow so a magical baby can’t be killed with herbs. That’s what it sounds like to me. That kid is determined to stick around regardless of what its mother wants. The insane wizard sounds like a problem. Surprised he didn’t offer marriage or something, but then again her story isn’t over.

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      It’s more to do with the curse demanding an heir, though I guess that’s still because of magic.. He did think of (forced) marriage, but when she was determined to deny him his child his obsession with her died.

  3. Hope learns fast or maybe Lucinda really is a good teacher. That scene tho ❤

    I wonder if Hope will keep the baby.

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      It’s a bit of both :3 I really loved their relationship, and I want to pretend that they lved happily ever after :3

  4. Is the baby the warlocks? is that why the usual herbs didn’t work? or does the curse play a part in that too? I would be terrified to have a crazy person in love with me!

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