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Chapter Twelve – Being A Goddess

Let me clarify what I meant when I told you that Ella embraced our curse. As I mentioned before she was a criminal. Within our family she was never talked about often, like a black spot in our history. She knew that the curse would likely not allow her to die until she had a child – and she was not planning on ever having children. Small, screaming kids needing her love didn’t fit into her rather busy schedule of robbing old industrial Bridgeport blind, or of murdering the most wealthy citizens of her time to get at their riches.

What the rest of us saw as an unjustified act of hatred Ella was deeply grateful for. She had chosen a very dangerous line of work for herself, and not being able to die until her child was born into this world suited her purposes perfectly. Accidents and attempted assassinations which would have killed anyone else beyond a doubt didn’t faze her. In fact, she welcomed them. Surviving against all odds empowered her, proved to her that she was better than everyone else. That she had been born into a life which had been waiting for her alone.

Over the course of her career, she was stabbed multiple times, shot often and trapped in a burning building once, and yet she lived through it all. The crime lord of her time loved her, the other criminals worshipped her. I doubt that she returned his feelings, but she loved being their Goddess. She was perfectly happy to be worshipped as such and her many brushes with death only served in proving her right time and time again.

But you’re correct, her luck could only last so long. She enjoyed evading the curse, used it to her advantage even, and laughed in its face, mocking its existence, but eventually the curse would not be mocked any longer.

Ella had made a name for herself as the most feared criminal of her time. Trial and error had taught her invaluable lessons about how to break into any building, how to seduce any man or woman, and how to finally betray those same men and women. Did she plan on betraying him, you ask? I can only guess, but from what I know of her I’m sure that she did. She simply died before she had a chance to.

But let me tell you how everything happened, exactly. How she left Sosostra, why she was in industrial Bridgeport, and how she met the most feared criminal – until she came along – of her time.


Sosostra couldn’t teach Ella how to control her gift, or anything regarding what she could do with it. Rather, Ella taught herself. She was a clever one, and had inherited a terrible mixture of character traits. Most of which stemmed from her father, of course. He was a wicked man and had passed his evil mind on to his second daughter, who grew up knowing nothing about the man who had fathered her mother as well as her. Not that it would have made much difference. Ella was evil to the core either way.

But lets get back to how everything fell into place. Once Sosostra believed Ella to be old enough – to be mature enough – she told her everything she knew. What she had done, how exactly this curse had started, and she left out no detail. You can imagine her reaction. Ella was not happy that the woman she had called her mother, who she had cherished as one, was the very same woman who had betrayed them. Hm? No, you’re right, I did say that Ella embraced our fate. However, in the first instance after hearing the truth, she was furious. She felt betrayed by the only person she had ever felt a connection to. Can you guess what her exact response was?


Yes, I’m afraid so. She killed Sosostra. Or at least she had thought that she had killed Sosostra. As it turns out Sosostra appears to be immortal. How about that.

But I’m getting carried away again. Ella ‘killed’ Sosostra, gathered what little money they had, and left. She didn’t know where she was going, of course, but she kept going North, until the bright dazzling lights of a Bridgeport at the very height of its industrial times welcomed her with open arms. It was a filthy city then and you might argue that nothing much has changed. The streets were littered with drug addicts and the homeless, everyone was corrupt to some extend, the few good souls who remained were walked over and used and abused until they either left or died. And of course, crime ruled everybody. At the top of it all sat the mastermind, Alexandre Dupuis. The very same who fell in love with my descendant.


It wasn’t a beautiful love story, as I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear. He wanted to possess her like any diamond, and she refused to be possessed. He wanted only to own her, she wanted his power and influence. In a way they both wanted the same things from each other.




When Ella first arrived on the outskirts of Bridgeport she didn’t know where to go, of course. Neither did she know anything about Alexandre or any of the other criminals, but they were rather infamous and word travelled quickly. It was her first time in prison when she heard about him. She was patiently waiting in her cell to be released (after all, what are a few months to someone who won’t die?) when a couple of men were dragged in by several police officers, kicking and screaming something about their boss. The very same Mr. Dupuis.

Ella was intrigued. The two men seemed to trust him a great deal, yet at the same time his name cast scared shadows on the faces of every police officer in the room. Naturally, Ella had to find him, and with her gift being as strong as it was she had no trouble doing so, either. She arranged a ‘chance’ meeting during one of his murders, although the details are lost to me. I doubt we ever truly kept record of something like this – as I mentioned before, Ella was someone we never talked about. The black sheep in the family. Rumour has it he fell in love with her immediately, but that’s all I know.


It was almost sweet how he courted her, vying for her love when she would never be willing to give it. Her body, yes – as a weapon – but never her love. Honestly I’m not sure she was capable of true love. But he didn’t know that, and he wanted her. When Alexandre Dupuis wanted something, he always got it.


And as I said, Ella wanted his influence. His power. She was willing to do just about anything to get into his good books, to secure being his successor once he died. Whether she was plotting his death I can’t say for sure. I agree, she must have been scheming his untimely demise in her head. She never hinted at this, of course. I imagine it might have ruined his view of her. The other criminals were already committed to her due to her reputation, but Ella wanted more. She wanted everything he had, namely his business. The only problem was that, while both of them despised children, he was only wanting to give his business away to an heir, and he wanted Ella to be the mother to his empire. Ella wanted to change his mind on that.

She wanted to prove that she was capable of owning his business by herself, and I’m afraid that’s when it all went wrong for her. I mentioned earlier that she mocked the very existence of the curse but that eventually the curse wouldn’t be mocked any longer. She wasn’t even aware when she got pregnant, but she was very aware when she was taken into prison to be executed.

What did Alexandre do, hm? Well, he was devastated. He loved her more than himself, after all, and coming from him that meant a lot! However, she had been clumsy enough to be caught one time too many, and as I hear it told there is no honour amongst thieves. He died soon after. Of a heart attack, apparently, though I always thought that Ella must have worked some magic from her cell to punish him for not helping her.

Ah, I see I moved a little too fast there. I apologise. You must understand I’ve been over all this many times in my head over the years, trying to find a way out of this cursed life. Especially now that I’m- Nevermind, we’ll get to me.

For now, let me tell you how Ella managed to end up pregnant despite hating children, and how she was eventually taken into prison to be executed for her crimes.

And, of course, let me tell you what happened to her child.

My grandfather.


9 responses to “Chapter Twelve – Being A Goddess

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  2. jazen

    So our storyteller is pregnant I take it. Her time is running out and she wants a cure for her curse before her child is born. Time is of the essence.

    Ella…she must have thought her magic would have kept her from getting pregnant, but she was wrong. Can’t wait to find out how that all went down for her.

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      Hmh, she is indeed. It’s more complicated than that, though, because unfortunately it’s not as simple as just finding a cure for herself before she gives birth. I’m looking forward to telling it ^^

      Well, for a while it did work. She evaded the curse just fine but her feelings of superiority clouded her judgement massively. She knew the fates of her ancestors but thought she was smarter than that, anyway. Geraldine’s curse packs one hell of a punch!!

  3. So then, now that I’ve already deleted my own comment twice, let’s hope the third time is the charm shall we?

    I have a feeling that this isn’t going to end well for the story, I’ve a feeling it’ll not be quite so easy or simple as all that. It’s rather sad really.

    I can’t believe that we’re so close to the end, just two more generations til her story. Can’t believe it’s been so long.

    I honestly probably would have become a nun and then adopted once I got older rather then do all that and risk the curse taking over. Then again, with the way it works, it may well have found a way still.

    I do like Ella. It’s rather sad that she’s going to end this way, I can hardly believe it, nor can I believe he didn’t try to save her with the way he loved her so.

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      :O Twice!! Thank you so much for not giving up and trying again a third time!!

      It never is ^^ I keep having ideas for the final heiress, I just have to remind myself not to do too much and completely overdo it πŸ˜›

      I know, I can’t believe it’s been this long, either! Given how short this really is it should have finsihed by now, really. Just look at how long it’s taken me to do these twelve chapters!

      Ha, I can’t picture Ella as a nun πŸ˜› She’s so far from it!!

      I quite like Ella as well, it’s been nice writing someone different. Plus she’s been so beautiful. I might have to do a bachelor challenge for her at some point, or enter her into one πŸ˜›

      • mischiefthekitten ⋅

        Nvm that idea, actually, that just seems wrong. Forget I mentioned it.

      • No, neither could I lol. She’d be quite terrible at it in my opinion.
        I don’t think she’d do so well in a bachelor challenge, but I think it’d be interesting. I think though, that she’d go for whoever was richest with the most influence.

  4. I thought I was very behind on this. Glad I only missed this chapter.

    Oh wow, so Ella turned evil. *sigh* I had such high hopes for her. I can’t believe she killed Sosatra, or at least she thought she killed her. Can’t wait to hear about the narrator’s grandfather and how Ella eventually met her death…if she did.

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      I don’t update this too often so you’re never likely to be far behind ^^ I have the next one written though, so it should be published next week (I always tag behind on the getting-pictures part) πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading, much appreciated :3

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