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Chapter Thirteen – The Goddess’s Downfall

I believe Ella was caught during one of her many thefts. She was robbing the wealthiest, most popular gallery in Bridgeport, and apparently she slipped up. By this point she had already been evading the curse for many years and no doubt had believed that she was invincible. For a time she was correct, since the curse doesn’t allow us to die until it says so. Sooner or later, however, our fate caught up with her.

It is only because of police reports that we were able to find out any information at all. From what I understand, the curse had gotten fed up with waiting and not only let her get caught, but did so in a very humiliating way. Ella was someone who prided herself in our curse. What we hated she loved and saw as a blessing. She knew she wouldn’t die through simple headshots, and always made sure that people knew where she’d been. The police had tried to catch her at first, of course, but there was nothing they could throw at her that could stop her. She was a dangerous woman, and the entire Bridgeport Police Force was soon terrified of her. She had killed more officers than said officers had inflicted even minor wounds on her, and it didn’t take long before they realised that there was nothing they could do.


One night, however, it was the lucky night of one new man to the force. He had heard of her, of course! His colleagues weren’t proud of their inability to stop her, but they had to fill in new members nonetheless. When Ella walked into the gallery, smirking at them and no doubt feeling like an untouchable Goddess, his partner advised him not to act. Three of his previous partners had died by her hand already, and he was not keen on seeing a fourth go in the same way.

He was an ambitious one, however. He excused himself, telling his partner that he needed the bathroom, and followed Ella through the gallery. Ella was aware of him, but she found his game fun according to his information on the case.


I can tell you’re dying to know how he got her. What kind of trickery he used to finally bring the witch to justice. I’m afraid it was nothing as fancy as that. In fact, it was rather simple.

He walked straight up to her, and handcuffed her.

Not what you wanted to hear, huh? I understand, it does seem like a bit of a let-down. Ella Night, mighty witch, feared amongst every officer in Bridgeport and worshipped as a Goddess by every criminal everywhere, was brought down by mere handcuffs.


The only explanation that I can offer is that her magic had failed her. The curse has its ways of making us face the inevitable.

Ella of course tried to throw the worst she could muster at the man, but no matter how hard she tried her gift was not responding. She knew this likely meant two things: One, her days were numbered, and worse, two, she was pregnant.

The latter should not have come as a surprise to her. She did her best to protect herself both with conventional means and also through magic, but she had always trusted her gift more than things crafted by man, and my guess is that her magic had failed her already then. The way Alexandre went at her I’m surprised she didn’t get pregnant sooner. When you do it as often as he had claimed her then sooner or later you’re going to trip up, right? And he wanted to possess her in every way possible.

Ella had never felt so betrayed, so let down as she did when the handcuffs closed around her wrists. Proud of his catch the officer brought her to his colleague, who couldn’t believe his eyes. He wasn’t sure what to feel – he and the other officers had been trying to bring her down for years, and here he was, a junior member, handcuffing her like she was a common petty thief – but eventually he settled on mania. Both men decided to celebrate bringing her in by making her understand that finally, she was no better than the rest of them. The Goddess had fallen, at last!

By the time they were done with her, Ella had regained some of her composure. Her magic still didn’t work but she still believed that it was a temporary defect, and threatened the men as well as the entire force with the most horrific punishments she could think off. Some of them were mentioned in the reports. They were all lucky that the curse had decided to bring her down. Very lucky.

But let me move on. Her magic did not return, and Ella stayed imprisoned. Alexandre missed her and her body terribly, but knew that his best protection sat behind bars, unable to help herself. He wanted her back almost more than anything, but he was not going to go back to prison because of her. Ella being caught and being incarcerated for so long had shown them all that she hadn’t been a Goddess after all but a mere mortal, and affections quickly dwindled. Who’d have thought? The mighty do not walk amongst us, after all.

The police, however, were faced with a problem. They were terrified that Ella might turn them all into ash any second now, and wanted to be rid of her as soon as physically possible. But she was pregnant, and every member of the force had sworn an oath to protect the innocent at all cost. Ella‘s baby was innocent and they were positive that with the right parents the child could grow up to be a good, law-abiding citizen. A medical examiner was assigned to watch over Ella‘s pregnancy until the moment of birth, after which Ella would be given a lethal injection.


In the meantime, Alexandre died of a heart-attack. You might remember me mentioning this before. I can’t say for sure whether a fragment of her magic had survived and had punished him, or whether there was something else at work. Without her protection the police force could easily get to him – or easily in comparison to when she had been alive, anyway.

Now that Ella was gone, getting to Alexandre Dupuis, crime lord, seemed an easy feat to achieve. It’s possible that the police or maybe an enemy finished him off, but it’s not something I can say for certain.


After seven months of imprisonment, Ella gave birth to my granddad, Ashton. I never knew him myself but I know of his slowly growing obsession with our curse from his notes and diaries.


The medical examiner who had watched over Ella had fallen in love with him the minute he was born, and adopted him. Of course, she didn’t know about the curse, and my grandfather grew up hearing only faded rumours. However, he suspected that they had an inkling of truth somewhere, and made it his personal mission to find out everything he could that might help him end the curse.

It is thanks to him that I’ve had access to all this information. Everything I have told you so far has come from the information my grandfather had collected over the years.

More importantly, he found a way to stop the curse. Or I think so, anyway.

He failed, but I have gone over his notes many times and believe to have found the reason he has failed.

I won’t fail. I refuse to let his story become mine, and I will finish what he started. Or die trying.


5 responses to “Chapter Thirteen – The Goddess’s Downfall

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  2. Valpre ⋅

    Oh wow, so Ella died! Like her I was starting to believe she’s invincible.
    It must have been such a huge knock to her ego when her lif as a
    career criminal ended in such a boring way.
    I always imagined her arrest would be a huge deal and her death would be even more epic! At least something good came from her, her son. (Or atleast I hope he was good or half decent)

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      It definitely was, she wasn’t expecting to go down like this, or at all for that matter! They all wanted to make her death a public thing, really, but were too scared to try anything. Everyone was more comfortable with getting rid of her sooner rather than later.

  3. jazen

    wow…we are almost there. Her grandfather, the first male born into the curse. I thought it was going to be a female only thing for a while. Now we have to learn the story of her mother (or father I guess) and see if she can finally end the curse and be free.

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