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Chapter Eighteen – A Better Place


“Mummy? mummy, wake up.”


“Hey, baby. Don’t cry, Cara. Mummy is going to a better place.”


“No! You promised you wouldn’t leave me.”


“I’m sorry, baby. I lied.”




“We all die one day, sweetheart. Be strong for Mummy, please? You’re on your own now.”





“Yes. Listen to me, baby. I’m sorry I didn’t teach you what you needed to know. I was scared, I hope you’ll understand that one day. Dad – Grandpa Ashton – he left his notes behind. Read them, he was close to ending this I think. You’re a clever girl, baby, you can do this.”


“No! Mummy, please-“


“Hush, baby girl. Let me see your smile again? Your beautiful smile?”

I failed. I wanted to smile for her, I really did, but I couldn’t. She was all I had, and I was losing her. Smiling wasn’t as easy as she had wanted it to be.

Did I mention that Mum had the gift? She never used it, not after what had happened to Grandpa, but she had it and I have it, too. I don’t know for sure that it’ll be enough to stop this curse, but I’ll try my best.

For my baby.


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