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Finally! :D

It’s over! After all this time, I’ve finally managed to finish it! 😀


I apologise for having taken so long ❤ Thank you to everyone who has read this little short story of mine – if you’ve got any questions, ask away! If I get enough of them I might make another post next week to answer them 🙂

If you’d like something new to read by me, take a look here.

All the best,



4 responses to “Finally! :D

  1. Congratulations on finishing your story!

  2. blamsart

    Yay! It’s official!
    Well I do have a question…was the ending planned out from the start? Or did you just kind of figure out how the curse would be broken as you went along?

    • mischiefthekitten ⋅

      I actually can’t remember! :O It was so long ago… I don’t think I had any idea how it was going to end, or what the different generations would go through. I specifically wanted something easy that didn’t require too much work to give myself a fun break, so I didn’t plan it out too far in advance. The ending just came to me at some point, but it wasn’t early on 🙂

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