About 7 Fates.

The Seven Fates of Night is a story written with theSims3, by MischiefTheKitten (that’d be me).

It’s not a conventional legacy, in that I’m only planning on writing seven generations, and in that the generations will all be very short (say, 2-3 chapters at most). The entire story will be told by the final generation, who will give you all important/interesting/necessary detail about her ancestors as she can possibly know.

Because the generations will be so short, I don’t know if there’ll be heir votes. Probably not, but I’ll try to include some kind of other polls you can vote on 🙂

As the disclaimer states, there will be mature content in this. There will be cussing, nudity, and sensitive subjects such as rape, suicide, and murder. If you’re not comfortable reading a story containing these, please leave.

If you have any questions at all at any point, don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll answer as much as I can without giving away any spoilers 🙂



One response to “About 7 Fates.

  1. Ooh going to keep an eye on this 😀

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