Character Info

Spoiler Alert:

This page might contain some spoilers, so if you’re not caught up and/or hate spoilers, read on at your own risk. This is supposed to be mostly a reminder of who people are, but if you want to see what awaits in the future don’t moan if you spoil something.


‘Gen’ 1


Sosostra is the *ahem* ‘founder’ of this blog. She is a fake fortune teller who gets by on lying to people, which eventually came back to haunt her. Literally. Her lies got some people killed, which pissed off the mother and wife of those people, who then cursed her for revenge. Sosostra lost everything as a result of the curse.

Traits: to follow

Fate: The first victim. Poverty, rape, and general being hated.


Geraldine is the witch Sosostra pissed off (not saying she was the only one who was pissed off with Sosostra), and who cursed her.


The narrator. Not much is known about him or her yet, only that he/she is the sixth generation after Sosostra who suffered the curse, making him/her the seventh generation overall. He/She wants to end the curse, though how isn’t known, and seems to have had a vision-type experience when telling the beginning of Sosostra’s story, which he/she couldn’t explain and seemed confused by.


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